About Us

Curazene, LLC is a Biotechnology company committed to preserving and improving human life by providing SAFE and EFFECTIVE products to kill bacteria and eliminate skin irritants. Founded in 2010 we assembled a team of professionals with expertise in the medical, engineering, financial, manufacturing and nutritional industries, in addition to a wide range of managerial and successful entrepreneurial experience.

Our Historic Start!

During the spring of 2005, one of the founding partners of Curazene™ had a severe allergic reaction to poison ivy. His reaction was the catalyst for the development of a product that would not only alleviate the itching and irritation associated with poison ivy (oak and sumac), but quickly eradicate it.

From that successful venture, Curazene™ expanded its product-line to include solutions for insect stings/bites and for the bacteria, which causes pimples. Our first product Baclezene™ quickly attacks Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative bacteria, killing harmful pathogens.

We know how frustrating and complicated it has become, with all the choices of medication, types of delivery systems to apply it; remember, prior to Curazene™, we were you and still are.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Curazene™ is to earn your trust by providing SAFE, EFFECTIVE and simple health-care solutions. Our leadership team is attentive to social and scientific trends making major financial and operational decisions to ensure Curazene™ remains a trusted company that delivers on what we promise: SAFE and EFFECTIVE products.

What Makes Us Different?


e could not allow the foundation of Curazene, to resemble existing pharmaceutical companies, who rely on their legacy as status quo. We set out to develop Curazene™ from the inside out to deliver a great user experience.
To do so we had a few things in mind:

  1. Your Safety (minimizing the risk of side effects)
  2. High Quality Products
  3. Easy to use Products
  4. Innovative Technology
  5. Quickly achieve & exceed desired results
  6. Bring aboard people that really want to make a difference
  7. Commitment to maintain these GOALs

Topical Products For


ith applied science and technology, Curazene™ has developed innovative, and affordable, topical products for:

  • Skin & Soft Tissue Bacterial Infections
  • Cleaning Hard Surfaces
  • Facial Skin-Care
  • Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac
  • Insect Stings & Bites
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