Baclezene® for Professional and Amateur Athletes


thletes spend much of their time in a damp environment and often take part in sports that require physical contact. Training facilities, steam rooms, pools and sweaty clothes increase the growth of bacteria.

Properly treating a cut or replacing a lost dressing can be difficult during practice or competition. Exposed wounds can become infected within a matter of hours and spread to others through contact with contaminated objects or clothing.


aclezene® is a topical Over-The-Counter (OTC) First Aid Antibiotic that is effective against a broad range of hard-to-kill bacteria. Baclezene® is packaged in a easy-to-use, single unit-dose application that offers an effective way to treat wounds as they happen.

Whether you are a professional athlete, player on an amateur team or occasionally visit the gym, know that even the smallest abrasion left untreated can bench you for life.

Infection can bench you for life!
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