Curazene™ for The Military


aclezene® is a proven, easy-to-use, topical first-aid antibiotic cream that fights bacteria including the hard-to-kill Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria that often lead to Skin & Soft-tissue Infections (SSI).

SSIs are no stranger to military life. Close living quarters, as well as the dangers of military engagement, keep medical staff working tirelessly to protect our troops from contamination.


aclezene® can be used in the hospital or in the field by a first responder encountering injured personnel. Its easy-to-use unit-dose application process can be quickly dispersed on a small wound or surgical site without mess or waste.

Applicators are compact and easily fit into first-aid pack. Baclezene® can be stored in either hot or cold extremes without damaging its potency.

Baclezene™ can be used in the hospital or in the field by first responders encountering injured troops.

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