Advisory Board

Dr. Jacky F. Dunn

Dr. Jacky F. Dunn


r. Jacky F. Dunn, DO brings over 30 years of experience in the healthcare space to his position with the Curazene, LLC Advisory Board. As a Physician, who has practiced family and emergency medicine for over 30 years his understanding of medical science and Patient education provides the ability to see the big picture and strategically structure what is required in the evolution of Curazene® products.

Dr. Dunn is currently Attending Physician at John Ed Chambers Memorial Hospital and the Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Arkansas focusing on handle multiple health conditions to provide comprehensive care for Adult ADHD, Angina, Arthritis, COPD, Enlarged Prostate, Genital Herpes, Heart Failure, Infections, Menopause and Parkinson’s Disease.Dr. Dunn graduated with a DO from University of Missouri at Kansas City.

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