Mr. Arturo Rodriguez Jacob

Mr. Arturo Rodriguez Jacob

Mr. Arturo Rodriguez Jacob M.B.D., B. Sc.


r. Rodriguez M.B.D., B. Sc. is a professional of the pharmaceutical industry with a Master in Business Development; a Bachelor in Science (Biochemical engineering); specialization studies in customs management for international commerce, Microenterprise development and Clinical pharmacology.

He is currently the C.E.O. of Infinite Clinical Research®, a CRO with 10 years of experience in the conduction of regulatory affairs, imports, exports and clinical studies’ management for medical devices and drugs; Management of regulatory affairs for the registry process of new products in Mexico.

Member of the CRO Alliance’s directive board and member of the DIA’s Latin-American committee.

His 7 years of experience in educational programs and academic evaluation systems as well as 5 years of experience in Quality Systems for the food industry provide great insight for the Latin-American market for the pharmaceutical industry.

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