Mrs. Maria Ines Guaia-Keeble

Mrs. Maria Ines Guaia-Keeble

Mrs. Maria Ines Guaia-Keeble


rs. Guaia-Keeble is a young pharmacist from Argentina and a recent graduate of the University of Buenos Aires with a Masters in Pharmacy. To supplement her studies, she was a teacher’s and research assistant at the University’s Cell and Molecular Biology Department under the leadership of Norma Sterin-Speziale.

Maria developed an affinity for regulatory affairs while interning at Bayer Pharmaceuticals at their headquarters in Berlin, Germany. She continued her employment as a regulatory affairs specialist at Bayer in Buenos Aires until recently starting her own organization, LATAM Pharma Regulatory Affairs, aimed at connecting pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe to independent regulatory affairs consultants in Latin America.

In an effort to complement her scientific background with social context, Maria is currently working towards a Diploma for graduates in International Development at the University of London. She is passionate about regulatory affairs in developing countries and loves studying the complex ways in which these country’s drug regulations evolve to ensure better healthcare options to the growing populations.

In addition to her professional capacities, Maria keeps the regulatory affairs community up to date on the latest regulations through speaking engagements at the Informa Life Sciences Regulatory Affairs Conferences and through her website and blog,

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