Public Relations, Communications Manager (bilingual) – LATAM

CURAZENE LLC, a global biotechnology company, dedicated to eradicating infection and promoting better quality of life through improved health, is currently recruiting for the role of a Public Relations, Communications Manager Bilingual (Spanish/English). CURAZENE strives to promote a healthy culture and internal growth prospects with all team members within the company who share the company’s vision promoting quality health and patient outcomes.

The candidate, reporting directly to the Chief Strategy, Portfolio and Global Operations Officer, is responsible for implementing key public relations and marketing communications initiatives that will leverage key relationships with cross-functional internal and external business partners including: governing legal/regulatory partners, sales teams, clinical relations management, creative and media vendors, operations management, marketing management, and public relations management. The bilingual Public Relations, Communications Manager will also assist with writing and editing copy for all global teams and will help coordinate and manage various marketing communications projects as the lead working with the Marketing Communications Project Manager.

The vision for this role is to develop, promote and communicate the value propositions of CURAZENE both internally and externally through campaign and program efforts. Writing and editing not only self-prepared materials but also editing and enhancing the copy and campaign proposals of other key members within the marketing communications capacity, including the social media and web site areas. Must have a strong understanding of current regulatory laws that govern pharmaceutical branding and promotions, and be able to work effectively on a multi-channel platform reaching these key audiences.


  • Support global communication strategy and publication development plans, and implement communications for new product launches globally.
  • Lead both the editorial development and execution against the global public relation plans closely integrated with the global marketing communication plan to help support clinical trials, public relations media platforms, special events and promotions, in support of global sales teams and marketing management including public relations upper management.
  • Manage web site written content in conjunction with editorial input that complies with public relations strategy integrating with the Social Media Engagement and Relationship Manager.
  • Assist in streamlining multi-media strategic plan to work with marketing plan and new clinical data information working directly with Chief Strategy, Portfolio and Global Operations Officer, while integrating within the social media plans.
  • Maintain budget expenditures within company’s system portal and work with Global Executive Administration Director as necessary based on public relations planning.
  • Provide support to Marketing Communications Project Manager, as necessary, for global marketing communications projects including trade show support (specifically with editing of key opinion leaders’ (KOLs) material, sales team support, clinical participation support, patient advocate/outpatient programs and educational materials. This could include editing of materials from clinical development and education services.
  • Research as needed various sources of market intelligence, empirical data, and fact checking to create press releases, video scripts, and other public relations that would require precise editing talent. Grant writing may be required on occasional basis.
  • Work with regulatory and legal teams for approvals in conjunction with Marketing Communications Project Manager, Social Media Engagement and Relationship Manager, and various global teams per company standards.
  • Share communications responsibilities by providing a working task/tracking list (preferred in Excel to allow tracking of expenditures), adaptable to convert in emails as needed, within the marketing communications and cross-functional roles of the company.
  • KEY: build relationships with important public relations contacts that allow media coverage and integrate within other social media and publication platforms.
  • Develop content from patient testimonials and data from patient experience programs, doctor’s interviews, and various contacts that may promote products and the goodwill of company.
  • Use strong branding awareness techniques within all correspondence relative to the audience with sensitivity to OTC monograph and specific monograph labeling for active ingredient of product maintaining FDA compliance as priority.
  • Handle consumer affairs social media according to the published FDA guidelines that support on-label information. Maintain the personality within special educational blog with assistance of Clinical and Education Services Director.

TEAM BASED CREDO: While this role requires no direct report responsibility, it requires a leadership responsibility to recommend and guide all cross-functional partners internal and external to help build brands and relationships for the company and the execution of materials to accomplish maintenance of those relationships and branding within this chosen role. Several ancillary duties will arise daily that are required to complete projects and are considered part of the duties that set quality standards for performance. Regulatory compliance, along with adherence to standard operating procedures that are in line with the FDA guidelines and other global policies, should be a standard followed by candidate.


  • The ideal candidate will have a B.A. or B.S. in marketing, public relations, journalism, advertising, or communications. Master’s degree is preferred, but five plus years of public relations experience will commensurate with undergraduate degree.
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish/English with business and market comprehension) for candidate.
  • Provide a demonstrated expertise in developing and executing meaningful and insightful strategic and measurable public relations programs on behalf of brands.
  • Demonstrate strong public relations presence within the integrated marketing mix, and explain or guide multiple internal/external communications stakeholders on various scenarios that help drive brand-related business.
  • Strong interpersonal skills that help build credibility quickly with all stakeholders.
  • Strong negotiating/influencing skills.
  • Strong analytical and planning skills with attention to detail and priorities.
  • Strong understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory guidelines and processes.
  • Will be required to travel to meetings, conferences, etc., and some international travel possibly required.
  • Ability to work according to deadlines and maintain high levels of professionalism within the organization matrix.
  • Strong understanding of health care industry with current knowledge of mainstream and emerging media.
  • Advocate and support a strong company culture – enjoy building brands that help others.

This role requires 30+ hours per week in order to complete projects. Specific team meetings and conference calls should be attended and will be set up in advance, as well as any travel. Some meetings will be at specified locations dependent on work at hand. SPECIAL CONTRACTUAL NOTICE: This role is considered a contract position, but allows the security of the security of working as part of the company team, and future growth with the company as a business partner. Each project will be staged by scope of work with the duties intertwined as listed above, but candidate is his/her own contractor to meet the goal.

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